DO THE D.A.N.C.E FOR NUMERICABLE (click on to see with Adobe Flash Player)

Here is our first ad, ever.

What a trip!

We made it with the help of a french talented director called Edouard Salier (Paranoid Projects), this summer.

Our fantastic soundtrack is D.A.N.C.E from JUSTICE first LP (Ed Bangers Records).

Our first aim is to show the effects of a mysterious, powerful and colorful flux which transforms the things it touches.

It creates a melt between a 30 secondes "plan sequence", many drawings, fluo lightings, various textures and matters with 3D animations like fishes swimming from the tv screen, with a living camera spitting a car trying to avoid an exploision in a canyon changing into a robot hunting a white rabbit diving into a computer in a boy room where his posters become alive and finally change into bubbles over the head of the little girl. It ends with the flux flying into the city.

This fresh real/ unreal world is the meeting point between many creative people point of view working (almost 20 devoted women and men).

In the ned, we try to promote the rebirth of a french cable company called numericable.


4 commentaires:

olive-devil a dit…

Grosse grosse dance a ceux qui luttent pour rester en place !

Éric a dit…

Canon ce spot ! Heureusement que pour votre premier essai vous n'avez pas eu un spot pour de la lessive :-D

Théo Gènnitsakis a dit…

mais ouais !

Gilles a dit…

Pour un fan de "Il était une fois dans l'Ouest", on ne reconnait pas du tout l'influence de Sergio Leone. Peut-être le goût du plan séquence… Ah, si les budgets pub permettaient de tenir 5 minutes à l'écran…